Access to clients

Access to clients

Quality management system

At TDI we only conceive of one way of working: putting the customer at the center of our business. Bearing this in mind, quality management is a key point in our day-to-day activities and for this reason we have implemented a Quality Management System that allows us to achieve excellence in dealing with clients, as well as, of course, complying with with the international standard UNE – EN ISO 9001:2015.


The fundamental concepts of this System, which are known, understood and applied by all members of the organization, are:


1.- We comply with the requirement to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

2.- We sell fleet management, industrial control and communications systems for different uses, capable of satisfying the needs of customers, offering the appropriate service for their start-up and maintenance.

3.- We comply with the applicable legislation and regulations, both national and international.

4.- We use suitable, safe and high-quality materials and products for manufacturing.

5.- We have rational, orderly, clean, safe and adequate facilities to provide the necessary service to our clients.

6.- We guarantee the adequacy of human resources and the methods used for verifications and service.

7.- All the personnel that make up TDI are subject to a continuous training and updating process.

8.- We avoid economic damages and market losses due to inappropriate services for our clients.

9.- We promise to disseminate this Quality Policy to all interested parties, also making the necessary information available at all times.

10.- We inform our suppliers and creditors that they will be evaluated in accordance with our Quality Management System and that said evaluation will be made available to them whenever they request it.



Compliance with the Quality Management System, its continuous improvement and the evaluation of the adequacy of these fundamental concepts is guaranteed with the commitment of management and all employees that are part of TDI.