Advantages of downloading the tachograph with GesInFlot technology

Find out how to automate tachograph downloading with GesInFlot technology and what advantages it brings to your fleet.

One of the services most demanded by our customers in their digitization processes is the remote download of tachograph and driver cards, an obligation required by European regulations. This implies the storage of the information for 2 years and the guarantee of its inalterability.

Our GesInFlot TH-16 telematic device allows the unloading process to be automatic and remote, with strict security protocols during data transmission and storage.

This automation permit custom planning for each fleet and each type of unloading transport, so that it can be done remotely periodically, without wasting time performing manual downloads when the vehicle returns to base.

Advantages of remote download

Savings and Automation

  • Saving time and reducing personnel costs
  • Saving of hardware devices and personal use by not requiring the physical presence of the vehicle during the download process.
  • Facilitate the unloading process by centralizing the unloading of the entire fleet en route.
  • Process automation allows you to maintain common internal protocols and program them to run autonomously.
  • Regardless of the tachograph model, they are all downloaded to the same storage and with the same information. Preserving the quality of the information and avoiding storing erroneous and incomplete files.
  • Unlimited availability allows downloads from any vehicle, at any time and location.
  • It allows downloads to be adapted according to demand, to deal with an incident or alarm in real-time.

Information security and integrity

  • The downloaded files cannot be manually deleted or manipulated.
  • By maintaining the protection of company cards in the offices, their loss or theft is avoided.
  • Storage management and backup of downloaded files
  • Permanent availability of information. This allows the fulfillment of its delivery in case of requirement by administrations or competent authorities.

Data-driven decision making

  • The information collected cannot be manually deleted or manipulated. This ensures that the data is reliable, indelible, and unalterable.
  • It allows integration with data analysis systems for operational and business decision-making.
  • Availability of data on drivers’ driving and rest times which, when analyzed, will help optimize personal resources.
  • Availability of analyzed data on the use of each vehicle and driver will help optimize material and human resources.
  • It facilitates the maintenance of the fleet thanks to the information on faults and alarms registered in the tachograph.

In conclusion, for any transport company that wants to be competitive in today’s market, it is essential to have good fleet management such as GesInFlot that integrates the remote download of the tachograph to obtain high-quality data from the vehicles in your fleet. Store and analyze them to optimize their performance and define competitiveness strategies.

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