Efficient Driving Schemes in the goods transport by road

efficient driving with GesInFlot

Efficient driving in the road transport is not a trend, but a powerful instrument that enables to improve the competition of a company. Its application is analyzed by the driving data enabled by the fleet management system and the correct drivers formation. Read more

How to locate a worker on the road through your fleet management system

GesInFlot Mobile office

There are many professional activities for which a team must work outside the office, such as activities of goods or people transport. Market offers many informatic applications that enable to place any person or vehicle on a map through a GPS location and save both his itinerary and the completed events (stops, loads and unloads, supplies, tolls, rests, etc.) Read more

How to manage driving times in the road transport?

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The objective of the driving normatives and rest is to guarantee safety in the road transport, even though usually adapting those times to service needs can be a complex task, which is why fleet management systems such as GesInFlot, are the perfect allied.
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Which are the components of a fleet management system

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To manage efficiently a fleet of trucks you need technological systems that offer quality information in real time of their movable assets, so that traffic managers could take decisions minimizing risks and problems. And these are the fleet management systems like GesInFlot. Read more

Which are the tasks of a traffic manager

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The traffic manager of a transport or logistics company is a mechanism that makes all the elements works simultaneously, optimizing resources and maximizing the benefits. Let’s analyze which this tasks are and how they are carried out. Read more

10 steps to choose the best transport fleet management system

blog_what's a fleet management system

Do you need to optimize your transport operations? Do you need to centralize your whole fleet management at your headquarter? Do your customers ask you information about their loads in real time? An integral fleet management system can offer these and more. The secret? Try it for yourself. Read more

How to fulfill Macron Law if you operate in France

Blog Ley Macron

Macron Law is applicable to any road transport company and transporters that operate in France, and it requires the fulfillment of some aspects to be known. Find out what this law is and how to introduce it from our GesInFlot fleet management system. Read more

GesInFlot, perfect allied of the IFS Logistics norm in you transport company

In this article we show you how to manage and maintain documental requirements and procedures required to maintain and certificate your transport company in IFS Logistics with the functionality offered by GesInFlot. Read more