TRALDIS PORTA incorporates the integral fleet management solution of GesInFlot

The implementation of the GesInFlot system will allow the logistics company Traldis Porta to reinforce its commitment to innovation, optimize costs and increase the performance of its vehicles and human equipment, as well as offering the best control and monitoring services to customers.

Traldis Porta is a company specialized in logistics solutions that stands out for the freight transport service in Andorra, including the management of all customs procedures. The company has a fleet of 50 full-load vehicles, including vans, trucks and trailers, in which it has recently incorporated the GesInFlot integral fleet management system.

The installation includes the start-up of the TH-16 equipment, with thermography, door control (prepared for the IFS , GDP  and TAPA certifiable standards), the management of tachograph downloads and driver cards, and integration with its ERPMSOFT.

The GesInFlot professional fleet management solutions offer a complete system for optimizing the management of the logistics company in terms of vehicles, drivers, routes and loads, providing significant savings in fixed and variable costs, and guaranteeing traceability at any time and security of your vehicles and goods.

With the installation of a unique equipment, TH-16, valid for fixed or mobile installations, GesInFlot offers a modular configuration that allows to control the location of the vehicle and / or semi-trailer, including sensors, thermography, tachographs, onboard navigators, anti-theft systems, routes , control of loads and unloads, fuel consumption and efficient driving, mobile office installed in the truck, document management, etc. With all this information, strategic reports are generated which help decision making.

Engineering Techniques, TDI, has been installing its GesInFlot solution in transport and logistics companies throughout Spain since 1997, and is considered the most technical solution aimed at professionals. In addition, the own manufacture and in Spain of its equipment TH-16, guarantees the scalability and non-obsolescence of its facilities that have no end warranty.


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