News Transfrigoroute 2017

GesInFlot®, sponsor of the event, will participate in the conference with a presentation on the management of quality standards and good practices in the transport sector.

Transfrigoroute Internacional will hold its General Assembly in Madrid on 12 and 13 October, with the attendance of more than 200 professionals from the road transport sector under temperature management from companies and institutions throughout Europe.

This year, the call will focus on the slogan “To be sustainable and remain competitive: What does the future hold for temperature-controlled transport?”. Its objective is to address the respect for the environment and the sustainability of an industry that is deeply rooted and committed to taking action to reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

During the different conferences, the requirements demanded of companies in the sector in this sector will be deepened, and the way in which many of them are taking on commitments beyond what is required by the regulations of European countries or international environments will be analysed.

In this regard, the talk given by Ginés Hernández, Managing Director of TDI, on 13 October at 15:45h, will focus on explaining how GesInFlot helps the management of quality regulations and good practices in international refrigerated transport, with key aspects on the main standards such as IFS Logistics, TAPA, GDP Pharma, etc. The talk will take place.

Where Transfrigoroute Internacional Madrid 2017

Place: Hotel Silken Puerta América, Madrid

Dates: 12 and 13 October 2017

Program: Jornadas profesionales en este enlace
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