How to locate a worker on the road through your fleet management system

There are many professional activities for which a team must work outside the office, such as activities of goods or people transport. Market offers many informatic applications that enable to place any person or vehicle on a map through a GPS location and save both his itinerary and the completed events (stops, loads and unloads, supplies, tolls, rests, etc.)

Worker geolocation

Fleet management and control systems are the perfect applications to fulfill this task in a logistic company, because they enable to integrate all the mobile resources, road tractors, semitrailers and drivers, and to work with them in a bidirectional way. In this way traffic manager can identify the situation of any resource, and he can intercommunicate offering indications, sending and saving documentation, managing problems, etc., everything is possible because of the functions of a complete mobile office for the driver, that it’s integrated itself with the fleet control system and with the company ERP.

How to control a driver and his load in a fleet management system

Resources linked to a load (road tractor, trailer and driver) can be located and they integrates with the fleet management system through road tractor devices, such as tachograph and the smart card reader of the driver that records working days to manage driving times and also data such as worker, sent continuously to the fleet control system in the traffic headquarter.

This complement services offered by a mobile application to the driver, together with the equipment installed on the vehicle, that can be installed on your smartphone and enables to inform you in a manual way, but registered as received, about the status of your load, waiting times of load and unload, problems, expenses, travel and service documentation, etc.

Furthermore, due to market requirements, logistics companies dispose of a variable number of external or freelance collaborators that don’t use to install devices of fleet management system on their road tractor or trailer. For this reason, mobile application on your own phone enables to integrate perfectly with the fleet management system of the transport company, simplifying all the logistic services required by your job and to interact with the company.

Functionalities for the mobile applications integrated in the fleet management system

The most usual services offered by a mobile application for driver management integrated in your fleet control system is the messaging with the transporter, activity planning, supplies, expenses and refunds control, navigation to destination or by road, signature collecting, terminal remote control, digital signature, mobile printing, etc.

GesInFlot Mobile Office

GesInFlot Mobile Android system can control any information at the following link , it’s the first driver management system based on Android for drivers both freelance and external and it integrates every functionality previously described. Developed with APK technology for Android.

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