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Macron Law is applicable to every road and passenger transport companies that carry out activities in France, and requires compliance with certain critical aspects to be met. Find out what this law entails and how to implement it from your GesInFlot fleet management system.

What is Macron Law and affected transport companies?

If your transport company operates in France, you must meet the requirements of Macron Law, which obliges all freight transport and travelers companies based outside French territory to register some documents, appoint a legal representative in the country and make sure that the wages of their drivers reach the French minimum wage.

The companies affected by this law are those that carry out any activity in French territory, directly or indirectly. Specifically, the Macron Law affects:

  • Land transport, merchandise or travelers, companies with international services whose origin or destination is France.
  • Companies that move workers to French territory, when:
    • The worker is transferred to a company of the same group that operates in France.
    • A company that is not French, makes the worker available to another French company to perform their services.
    • The worker develops his activity or part of it in France.
    • Any transport company whose headquarters are located outside France and whose workers carry out cabotage operations in French territory.

On the contrary, this law excludes transport companies that only cross France, without loading or unloading merchandise or travelers, the industrial sector that employs itinerant workers to transport their production to the country and companies or autonomous public transport particular , like taxis.

Obligations imposed by the Macron Law on foreign transport companies:

  • Appointment of a legal representative in France. Its function is the custody of the necessary legal documentation and facilitate communication between the external company and the French authorities. The legal documents must be available to the authorities for 18 months in electronic mode and paper.
  • Have a Certificate of Displacement in France. This certificate, called “attestation de detachament”, must be completed by the company and delivered to the driver before his trip so that it is always available in the vehicle.
  • Documentation that must be included on board the vehicle:
    • Copy of the employee’s employment contract with the company.
    • Displacement Certificate completed by the company.
    • If the driver is autonomous, documentation that proves it.

How does GesInFlot help to meet the Macron Law in its transport fleet?

Our GesInFlot fleet management system allows the control of the status of the tachograph and the recording of the work carried out, which together with the position of the vehicle, allows the control of the working days that are established.

Our registration and control system allows the employer to meet the obligation to keep a daily record book of the work days performed by their workers, in order to highlight the overtime hours, rest periods, breaks of 48 hours, etc. applicable both to the Macron Law and to the different European laws.

Failure to comply with these rules is a serious infraction with fines ranging from 625 to 6,250 euros, in addition to the additional violation of unpaid wages.

Do you need to applicate Macron Law to your fleet that work in France? Contact us for a demo.


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