How to fulfill Macron Law if you operate in France

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Macron Law is applicable to any road transport company and transporters that operate in France, and it requires the fulfillment of some aspects to be known. Find out what this law is and how to introduce it from our GesInFlot fleet management system.

What’s Macron Law and which are the affected transport companies?

If your transport company operates in France, it will fulfill requirements of the Macron Law, that forces all the goods transport company and travelers with their headquarter outside France, to register a series of documents , appoint a legal representative in the country and assure that the salaries of the drivers reach the French minimum salary.

The companies affected by this law are those operating on French country, in a direct or indirect way. In the concrete, Macron Law affects:

  • Terrestrial transport companies , of goods or travelers, with international services which origin or destination is France .
  • Companies that move workers on the French country, when :
    • The worker is moved to a company of his own group that operates in France.
    • A non French company that offers its worker to another French company for their services.
    • The worker develop his activity or a part of it in France.
  • Any transport company which headquarter is not in France and which workers realize operations of cabotage in French country.

On the contrary, from this law are excluded transport company that cross France, without loading or unloading goods or travelers, industrial sector that use itinerant employees to transport its production to the country, freelancers, and the companies or self-employed of specific public transport, such as taxis.

Obligations imposed by Macron Law to the stranger transport companies

  • Appointment of a legal representative in France. His function is the custody of the legal documentation necessary to simplify communication between the external company and French authorities. Legal documents must be at the disposal of the authorities for 18 months in digital or paper.
  • To dispose of a Moving Certificate in France. This certificate, called “attestation de detachament”, must be fulfilled by the company and given to the driver before he starts to travel in order to be available on his vehicle.
  • Documentation that must be on the vehicle:
    • Copy of the employment contract with the company.
    • Moving Certificate fulfilled by the company.
    • If the driver is self-employed, documentation to prove it.

For more details please visit this page in French of the organization TLF (Union des Entreprises de Transport et de Logistique de France).

How GesInFlot help to fulfill the Macron Law in your transport fleet?

Our GesInFlot fleet management system enables control of the tachograph status and the register of the realized works, that together with the vehicle location, enables to control the established working days.

Our system of registration and control enables the businessman to fulfill the obligation of carrying a daily register of working days of his employees, in order to count the extra hours, resting periods, 48 ours rests, etc. applicable to the Macron Law and to the other European laws.

The failure to fulfill of these norms, involves a serious infringement with fines between € 625 and 6250, as well as an additional fine for non-payment of salaries.

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