Agreement signing TDI ATLED Miro

GesInFlot Door locking by Miró

The last July, TDI signed an agreement with ATLED Innovación SL , company of Mr. Vicente Miró, for which TDI, Técnicas de Ingeniería SL company, This agreement permit to adapt and to industrialize the patented locking by ATLED, for a quicker…
Article Opinion TransporteXXI Special Frio 2019

Requirements and responsibilities of the Logistic Tracking

This opinion article published by the TDI CEO, Técnicas de Ingeniería Ginés Hernández Rosique, in the special edition of Transporte XXI " Logistica del Frío" of the 15th of September, edition that will have an additional diffusion in the…
knorr Brense GesInFlot

GesInFlot in the monthly newsletter of Trailer Technology by Knorr-Bremse

The September newsletter of the Knorr-Bremse multinational releases a special article about the GesInFlot fleet management solution for trailers. Trailer Technology-N.3 September 2019 According to the monthly publication Trailer Technology…

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