Requirements and responsibilities of the Logistic Tracking

Article Opinion TransporteXXI Special Frio 2019

This opinion article published by the TDI CEO, Técnicas de Ingeniería Ginés Hernández Rosique, in the special edition of Transporte XXI ” Logistica del Frío” of the 15th of September, edition that will have an additional diffusion in the Fruit Attraction exhibition in Ifema, Conxemar Vigo and Congreso ATFRIE .

The current state of technology enable to monitor the tracking at controlled temperature in any productive and logistic process of those products subject to standards of food safety or product quality.

Technologies and norms that permit that are ready. Both those of compulsory compliance and those required by the own company are available for any agents of the logistic chain and they have been active long enough on the market to be already used by every participants in the logistic chain.

It shouldn’t be weird that both parts of the chain fulfill their duty. Although, if a chain link doesn’t fulfill or doesn’t apply the tracking , it’s impossible to guarantee the quality of the product, as well as the safety for the final user.

Technology enables to monitor tracking at controlled temperature in any productive and logistic process.

Some factors of the chain focus on the long distance transport, like the responsible of the temperature tracking. However, it’s certain that responsibility doesn’t just lie with the transporter , but with any factor, specially with the packaging and “last mile” distribution sector, that should analyze of any process: unload, storage and exposition to the consumer, to assure their product preserve this tracking. Products that, with the deterioration of their quality, could affect the consumer safety or cause future sanitary problems to him.

Some of the operators don’t want the responsibility of their own control areas.

Despite the fact that I can’t evaluate the economic damage produced by an incorrect tracking, not realized in real time, with my personal experience and knowledge I can assure that most of this damage could be avoided with a little effort of any chain link/operator of the logistic chain. Technology exists, the integration of the information is possible, the only problem lies in a part of the operators that refuse to take responsibility of their control areas and prefer to give it to the other part.

Efficiency and quality of logistics at controlled temperature require specific controls adapted to the product singularity . In concrete terms, it’s fundamental to control the temperature in real time in any process that integrates the service such as load, on the road unload, storage and public exposition. The AECOC Committee of Food Safety, the association of manufacturers and distributors, define tracking as: “The totality of those pr-established and self-sufficient processes that enable to know the history, the location and the direction of a one or more products along the supply chain in a specific moment, through some specific instruments”.

EFFICIENCY and QUALITY of the logistics at controlled temperature require specific controls adapted to the product singularity

Tracking is also defined by the International Organization for the Standardization (ISO 9001:2008), in its International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology: “The property of the result of a standard measurement or value that could be related to specific references, usually national or international standards, through a continuous chain of comparisons, everyone with particular uncertainties ”.

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