Which are the components of a fleet management system

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To manage efficiently a fleet of trucks you need technological systems that offer quality information in real time of their movable assets, so that traffic managers could take decisions minimizing risks and problems. And these are the fleet management systems like GesInFlot.

What’s a fleet management system?

The fleet management and control system are technological system responsible to complete tasks of monitoring and control in real time of any vehicle that operate under control of the transport company, optimizing the whole fleet management work.

The fleet management system enable to identify important aspects of the status, the physical location, itinerary, technical parameters of the vehicle, goods status, alarms, etc., and visualize them in a different ways to be daily managed by the traffic headquarter, to generate reports for direction decisions and integrate them to the company management and trade system. All of this gives an appropriate management of the available resources and problems in real time.

The main components of the fleet control systems are Hardware and Software, as we will see below:

Hardware components of a fleet management system

Installed devices in mobile vehicles , that in case of road transport of goods are road tractors and different types of trailers. In case of GesInFlot the device is developed and produced by its own company, that in its actual version it’s called TH16, and it incorporates the following components:

  • Tracking system of the vehicle location GPS (Road tractor and semitrailer), which enable to identify the exact location of device, saving permanently the history, and recreating itineraries of the vehicle; location is saved into the system and it’s sent to the control office to be seen on a map, as well as the speed control via integrated GPS.
  • Digital tachograph integration , extracting and saving driving data, drivers information, distance traveled, stops, driving time and rests, speed, etc.
  • Obtaining of other driving technical parameters such as engine revolutions, oil temperature, rpm, consumptions, fuel level, active hours, etc.
  • Thermograph that enable to record refrigerated trailer temperature, managing problems of cold chain breaks during travels with perishable goods or controlled temperature.
  • Information collection of the semitrailer braking system (EBS system), with the trailer speed control, distance traveled, safety system, anti-lock and anti-flip control, traction control. pressure and brake maintenance, etc.
  • Control of the other systems such as TPMS (temperature control and tires pressure), safety bars, valuable load service or remote opening, anti-theft alarm, or sirens and emergency light.

GesInFlot TH16 is a unique device, suitable for all situations, that is installed in any possible type of vehicle (road tractors, refrigerated semitrailer, dry load semitrailer, tanker truck, valuable load service, etc.), with the advantage that derives from the management and maintenance of a single hardware device, saving on medium and long term management and maintenance.

Since TH16 system is designed, developed and produced in Spain by the same company that install it and maintain it, its functionality and competitiveness is unique in the whole market, creating an important competitive advantage. As well as avoiding planned obsolescence, increasing considerably the life time of our devices.

Software Components of a fleet management system

Integrated in the device hardware systems, it enables to manage different functions, such as:

  • Driving time management : remote downloading of tachograph, drivers smart card, working day control, Macron Law management, driving time simulation, infringements management, efficient driving, etc.
  • Travel documentation management: with reception, printing, scanning, documentation saving and sending, bar code reader, integration with electronic signature and a professional messaging system.
  • Professional navigation for driving aid.
  • Configuration elements and access and versions control .
  • Communications with central control systems.

Mobile Office for Drivers

It enables to manage and to plan travels with the traffic office, through an app installed on the driver’s mobile phone (APK Android), and among other functions it realizes: messaging services with the central, activity planning, supplies management, refunds and check list control, documentary management, professional navigation, bar code reader and signature collecting.

This instrument is suitable for the order management with the driver, travel documentation, and the location management for those vehicles that haven’t installed a TH16 device.

Communications between vehicles and the central.

These ones realize through GPRS, 3G or 4G networks, of the traditional operators, depending on the place and the device that’s connected.

GesInFlot offers connectivity in the whole Europe and North Africa.

Control central of the fleet management system

Managed by the office of the transport company, it monitors the situation and the status of the whole fleet, monitoring perfectly alarms and problems and by placing the whole fleet on a map through a system of geographic information or GIS. Central can be operated by various users in a centralized environment and web.

In this moment the GesInFlot fleet management systems are being offered in the SaaS modality, in which the whole control system is located in a CPD (Data processing center) of high security, where all the servers and control systems are installed, and offer a safe and reliable environment to the customers with a private web access.

Integrating the fleet management system with third parties’

The ERP, SCM, CRM, B2B, etc. systems of the companies, since one of the most important parts of the fleet management systems is the integration with the rest of the systems of the transport company, by integrating information that generate or collect with the applications of transport management, or with planning and tracking systems between transporters and carriers.

GesInFlot, through alliances with partners, has a long list of integration with applications of third parties that simplify the whole process of management and control of the cargoes, the customers and the fleets.

Are you thinking about installing or updating your fleet management system? Consider GesInFlot before taking any decision, contact us and ask for a DEMO and a business proposal. You will obtain a cutting-edge solution adapted to your needs.




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