Which are the tasks of a traffic manager

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The traffic manager of a transport or logistics company is a mechanism that makes all the elements works simultaneously, optimizing resources and maximizing the benefits. Let’s analyze which this tasks are and how they are carried out.

Traffic managers control all the resources and the interrelationship of the agents that take part in business, manage their own vehicles or third parties’, drivers, customers and cargoes, external services, etc., and assuring to meet the strict rules of the sector.

Obviously, traffic manager can’t work alone, but he has to cooperate with a experienced professional team and with the technological instruments that enable to realize and control its activities such as the Enterprise resource planning (ERP), trade management instruments, and mainly, a fleet management and control system appropriate to his activity and daily operation, if possible all integrated in order to simplify the work and the efficiency in services.

If we analyze the activities of a traffic manager, we can organize them in the following groups:

Activity planning area ad vehicle distribution

traffic manager gesinflot It includes the daily planning and scheduling of the next days distribution of the customers’ loads, assigning them available vehicles and drivers, associated to the characteristics of every type of resource: load type, date and time of collection and delivery, travel conditions and goods conservation conditions, time to fulfill, itinerary and conformity with the driving legal conditions for any country and its rules, etc.

In this activity it’s fundamental that the management and planning instruments enable us a correct available resources assignation in real time , that consider factors such as driving norms (rest, stops,…), vehicle maintenance, special permissions, etc. For this reason, it’s essential to dispose of the appropriate information for any resources, vehicles and drivers, in order to obtain the perfect assignation and coordination, avoiding sanctions, delays, or customer complaints.

The fleet management system in use must collect and save information about he different vehicles and/or trailer and driver system automatically, and trigger alarms in order to solve any problem in real time from the traffic headquarter.

This functionality is a point of strength of the GesInFlot fleet management system, specialized in national and international road transport.

Fleet management and control during the trip

traffic managerOnce a service is started, the fleet management system must record the travel plan of any service, including the load type and the conservation or safety conditions. From the headquarter you must constantly know the vehicles status (GPS) and yours drivers’ (APP), verify the possible deviations of the original travel plan, and manage alarms and problems such as accidents, theft, cold chain breaks, etc.

The system must collect and save permanently every event during the journey: stops and rests, speed, consumptions, monitoring safety elements and technical parameters of the vehicle, analyze the driving style, driving time management, travel documentation management, etc.

Data collection and storage for your register and accounting.

Once a service is complete, the traffic manager and its team must also collect all the travel information to carry out the liquidation and send it to billing, along with the expenses associated to fuel consumption, travel expenses, driver expenses, driver working hours, vehicle maintenance alarms, etc.

In the end, traffic manager has also the responsibility to manage the available information, and to present activity reports to direction and to manage available data to optimize resources, of vehicles and drivers, reducing capacity if not needed or looking for external resources when you need to meet demand peaks, with the aim to maximize the business benefit.

Fleet management systems like GesInFlot, realize tasks of management, control, planning, tracking and storage of any information regarding the activity transport, and its aim is to meet all the real and complete needs of a traffic office without leaving anything to chance or to manual control.

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