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Fleet Management System

Control of installed equipments

Mobile office

Real time connectivity

Integrations with ERPs

Better market functionality/price

Equipments, services and connectivity in a simple integral solution for the transport

Leading solution in Spain

Leaders in the spanish market with more than 25.000 vehicles connected and 225 companies.

We are equipment manufacturers from 1997

TDI is registered as manufacturer for the automotive industry and meets the required quality regulations for the sector.

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GesInFlot Brochure Fleet Management and Logistics System

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Efficient Driving Schemes in the goods transport by road

Efficient driving in the road transport is not a trend, but a powerful instrument that enables to improve the competition of a company. Its application is analyzed by the driving data enabled by the fleet management system and the correct drivers…

How to locate a worker on the road through your fleet management system

There are many professional activities for which a team must work outside the office, such as activities of goods or people transport. Market offers many informatic applications that enable to place any person or vehicle on a map through a GPS…
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How to manage driving times in the road transport?

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Discover GesInFlot®

GesInFlot is the more versatile and powerful Fleet Management System developed to the road transport sector.

GesInFlot® allows managing and controlling all the elements of the logistics chain in an easy and remote way:

Vehicles | Semi-trailers | Drivers

The installation of the GesInFlot®  TH-15 module, allows getting technical parameters from the vehicle (such as the tachograph) and other on-board subsystems.

The GesInFlot® solutions have flat rates for any European country and the north of Africa:

Communications | Safety | Maintenance of smartphones/GesInFlot devices.

  • Connection to installed equipment

    Direct connection to CAN Bus or FMS

  • Connection to leader thermograph brands

    Connection to i-Box, Thermoking and Carrier.

  • TH-16 Thermograph

    TH-16 certified as class 0,5 and Welmec 7.2 EN 12830 thermograph.

  • Integrated Semi-trailer systems

    Connection to EBSs from Knorr-Bremse, Wabco and Haldex . More than 5 years of experience.

  • Total integration to customer proprietary systems

    Integration to proprietary and commercial ERPs.

    • Greatest degree of personalization.
    • Direct integration to the communications server.
    • Software transfer agreement for custom integrations.


GesInFlot® offers the first drivers management system based on Android, valid for autonomous or external drivers.

Dual SIM GesInFlot smartphone (with dock and power supply for the vehicle).

The opinions of our customers

Carreras Logistics Group (CGL)

A fleet management system fully integrated with our management platform, COMET, which provides all the required information at real time.

Carreras Logistics Group (CGL)CEOCarreras Logistics Group
Grupo Perea

All our trucks have the GesInFlot® system installed. It allows controlling the position and parameters of each vehicle from our central office to offer the best productivity and punctuality on loads and unloads.

Grupo PereaCEOPerea Group
Transportes Hermanos Corredor

In THC we have always trusted in the innovation, because of that we selected GesInFlot® as our technological system for vehicle and goods tracking in our fleet of more than 120 trucks. It is also integrated with our management system to provide a total control over the available information.

Transportes Hermanos CorredorCEOHermanos Corredor Transports
Grupo Trans Onuba (GTO)

Our fleet, with more than 350 vehicles, is equipped with tracking devices in all truck heads and semi-trailers, and new generation refrigeration systems for controlling the load temperature. All of these elements are managed from GesInFlot® application software.

Grupo Trans Onuba (GTO)CEOGTO

How does the Fleet and Logistics Management System GesInFlot® work

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